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Discover what our customers have to say about their experience with Quick Self-Fixes. From everyday challenges to unique situations, our solutions have made a difference in their lives. Their stories reflect the impact of our quick fixes and the satisfaction they’ve gained.

Read through the testimonials below to gain insight into how Quick Self-Fixes has helped individuals just like you overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. We’re proud to share these stories and invite you to join our community of satisfied customers.

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Tina N. Designation

“Not only is Dr. Clay an absolute genius at what he does, he is also a kind and caring physician. I have scoliosis and was amazed at the improvement and benefit from seeing Dr. Clay regularly and using his quick self fixes. He is a gem you do not want to miss.”

Konstance Designation

“All I can say is wow after the scoliosis camp Dr Clay held today. I’ve had scoliosis for many years and as a result have a lateral pelvic tilt. Dr Clay is awesome for having this camp! He was able to guide a future practitioner to correct my scoliosis in a matter of minutes. My pelvic tilt was significantly improved also after being adjusted. So happy I had the opportunity to be a part of class today. If you’re looking for a great chiropractor he is it.”

Heather P. Designation

“I’ve known Camden for many years. He is the best chiropractor out there, as well as an amazing person overall! I have extremely tight fascia and scoliosis that has caused other compounding issues. Camden knows the human body, body mechanics and structural dysfunction, like the back of his hand. I have been to multiple chiropractors in the past and he’s the only one I trust now. My only sorrow is that I wish I could see him more. 🙁 Anyone who is interested in learning more about keeping your body functioning at maximum capacity, should definitely try out his Quick self fixes classes as well.”

Alexandra D. Designation

“Over the last three years, Dr. Camden Clay has been pivotal in my recovery from a very serious auto accident. Not only has he helped me with my physical well being, but also my mental state. His extensive knowledge and experience has been paramount in my life.”

Gina M. Designation

“Dr. Clay is a genius, expert chiropractor! He has helped me out of pain many times and into easeful living in my body. I practice and teach yoga, and I can say that my practice is better because of his treatments. He truly cares and you feel it.”

Bette C. Designation

“Camden is well versed in things of the body, mind, and spirit. His expertise is muscles. During half hour and hour sessions, he will loosen your muscles, inform your mind, and lift your spirits. You are in good hands with Dr. Clay.”

Shane D. Designation

“Dr. Clay is the man!!! I took his quick self fixes class and it was incredible. The knowledge you walk away with will definitely enhance the wellbeing of your clients and yourself. The App is amazing as well. I look forward to taking more classes with him.”

Rebecca P. Designation

“Highly recommend this instructor and his classes! I took his Thai Massage class a few years ago, and it was one of the best classes I’ve taken to date! Highly informative, organized and practical, his instructions were clear-cut. I liked how he helped me with any questions I had, even offering pointers on varying techniques”

Dale W. Designation

“Dr. Cam is the best! I have been seeing him for over 15 years and he has fixed a multitude of physical problems over that time. He and his self-fixes have alleviated back and knee problems as well as hand problems where I had trigger finger in several fingers on both hands. He is truly devoted to the good health of all his clients. His self-fixes do absolutely work. I do several different self-fix exercises regularly to maintain good overall health. I am looking forward to his “Self-Fixes App” which is do out in early November this year.”

Greg Tinkle, Yoga Teacher
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