Student and Patient Testimonials

Dr. Cassius Camden Clay, Chiropractor, talks about the benefits and history of Quick Self Fixes™.

Watch Dr. Cassius Camden Clay talk about his take on Targeted Muscle Testing™.

Dr. Shawne Amina Murray, Board Certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and Neuromuscular Skeletal Medicine, describes her experiences with Quick Self Fixes™.

Barbara Sharp, Licensed Massage Therapist, describes her experiences with Quick Self Fixes™.

Kristen Tucker, Owner, Cross Fit Gym, Personal Trainer, describes her experiences with Quick Self Fixes™.

John Joseph Ray, Massage Therapist and Instructor of Ray of Light Massage Training in Arkansas, describes his experience with Quick Self Fixes™.

In this video, Stephen Warren, LMT in South Carolina and graduated apprentice of Dr. Clay, gives his testimonial of Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing.

Student Testimonial from Quick Self Fixes on Vimeo.

“I have known Cam for more than 15 years and have always enjoyed his classes. His work and teaching skills continue to get better and better. Once again, I have learned more than expected. I highly recommend this (Thai Massage on the Table) class”
– Stephen W.

“Two patients went on and on about how much better their feet are feeling–just after one session of Happy Feet! Then I realized that it was a year ago this week that we first came to your class and learned the Happy Feet protocol/Master Fix. We put it to use right away, with great results. Well worth the time/investment. Thanks again for your work”
– Vince C.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Camden Clay for about 10 years. As an aerial dancer, I put a lot of stress on my body and with the help of Dr. Clay, I have managed to stay injury free for all of these years. At the first sign of any tweak in my shoulders, as a shoulder injury is the “death” of an aerialist, I come see Dr. Clay and he always manages to pinpoint the source of the injury and set me on a trajectory to quickly heal myself with his methods. I send all my company members to him, that’s how much I believe in his practice. I give much credit to Dr. Clay that at age 41 I am still able to perform at the same level I was at 31 and 21, maybe even stronger!”
– Nicole M.

“Who knew that one’s feet could feel so good while walking? After going through Dr. Cam’s “Happy Feet” program, your feet will feel strong, flexible and almost “springy”. For some years now, when I ran it felt like I had bricks on my feet. This procedure fixes that and makes my feet function like they are supposed to function – like they did when I was young! Thanks, Dr. Cam!”
– W. D.

“Amazing and so informative! I’m grateful for this workshop which has empowered me to keep my feet and body, healthy and happy”
– Emma A.