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About Dr. Clay’s Practice

Dr. Clay’s Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Camden Clay has been in practice as a Chiropractor for over 35 years. During the past 27 years he has taught 290 “Assisted Stretching Postures from Thai Massage” workshops.

Assisted Stretching of spinal connective tissue followed by chiropractic manipulation is a marriage made in heaven! When the connective tissue is loosened, the adjustment is far more gentle and the beneficial effects last longer. Most of Dr. Clay’s time with a patient involves stretching them. He starts with “Happy Feet” which is stretching all ligaments in the feet. People agree that the first foot stretched is alive for the first time and the other foot feels like a wooden peg leg. If you’re an older person, a session with Camden makes you feel young again! It’s all about making space in the connective tissue for better blood flow, lymphatic drainage, cerebral spinal fluid flow and nerve communication.

Dr. Clay states that, “Over the decades, when I help someone, I focus on teaching them how to emulate my successful treatment so that they won’t need repetitive treatments from me. Indeed, they may need 60 treatments, one treatment from me and 59 treatments on their own. I created a book/video entitled “Quick Self Fixes” which is 32 highly successful self-treatments.

Muscle Testing is my primary diagnostic approach. I have also created a book/video entitled “Targeted Muscle Testing” which contains 31 important muscle tests which commonly test weak. I have created 24 of these 31 muscle tests. It takes me about 5 minutes to test all 62 muscles (31 on each side of the body). “Quick Self Fixes” amazingly make almost all weak muscles found instantly strong!

When a patient comes in my office and initially all 62-muscle test strong, they become a member of “Our Strong Club”! It is my goal to have healthy patients come in, creating better health.

Over the past six years, I have researched my revolutionary scoliosis cures. I see moderate to mild scoliosis resolve in one visit and I teach these patients how to emulate my treatment in order to keep their scoliosis clear. I am very excited about this and planning a pre/post x-ray documentation study.”

My target niche is people who have a dedicated yoga practice. This group knows better than any other when their body is out of balance. The common cause of discomfort – weak muscles – will be made strong again using Quick Self Fixes for improved stability and comfort in yoga postures. I invite all Atlanta area active yoga teachers in for a FREE 25 minute Quick Self Fixes introduction to Immediately improve problem yoga postures with self treatments!


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