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Dr. Camden Clay has been in practice as a Chiropractor for over 35 years. In addition, during the past 26 years, he has taught 285 “Assisted Stretching Postures from Thai Massage” six hour workshops.

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I am Dr. Cassius Camden Clay, I’ve been practicing as a chiropractor and healer in Atlanta for about 40 years, I have also been teaching workshops in the healthcare industry for over 30 years! I have rigorously documented my findings over the years, creating 11 books, 11 videos, and video blogs on my social media pages. All of this valuable health empowering information is available to you for free on my website!

Please enjoy my “Quick Self Fixes” app, available now for Apple and Android! The app allows you to efficiently create your own personalized “Quick Self Fixes” video routines!

Those who benefit from the information on this site, please consider making a love offering donation to sponsor my continuing research and development for our good health!

Serving You

I’m proud to be serving my patients at the lovely Heal Center and my students at both the Heal Center and Atlanta School of Massage!

Wheather you are looking to maintain your health, heal from an injury, or looking for coaching to fix yourself, you’re invited to schedule your appointment today!

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