Targeted Muscle Testing™


For 37 years, Dr. Cassius Camden Clay, Chiropractor, has intensively studied, researched, and practiced muscle testing. Muscle testing is a relatively new method for evaluating muscle strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Clay is a second generation muscle tester. He respectfully stands upon the shoulders of giants in this extraordinary field. He invites you to stand upon his shoulders and take muscle testing to its next level through your research and discoveries.

Targeted Muscle Testing teaches you how to muscle test and then specifically teaches 31 easy-to-learn muscle tests that are commonly found chronically weak in adults one or both sides of the body.

Quick Self Fixes are taught on a video and book that teach 32 self treatments which usually make and keep all of the Targeted Muscle Tests strong. Targeted Muscle Testing and Quick Self Fixes go together because these repeatable muscle tests prove that Quick Self Fixes make and keep the previously found chronically weak muscles instantly strong. People who perform the 32 Quick Self Fixes regularly join “Our Strong Club”. Members of “Our Strong Club” test strong when all of the Targeted Muscle Tests are evaluated. This is truly a unique and cutting edge healing system.

The standard belief that exercise is the only way to make weak muscles strong is false! We now know that we can make a significant number of weak muscles instantly strong and keep them strong using specific connective tissue stretches and joint motions which we do to ourselves—the Quick Self Fixes.

Targeted Muscle Testing is bringing muscle testing to the mainstream by teaching how to test muscles exactly where muscles are commonly found chronically weak. Your success at finding weak muscles will be phenomenal! Your success at making these weak muscles instantly strong using Quick Self Fixes will be amazing!

Targeted Muscle Testing stands on its own. Quick Self Fixes is not the only healing system that instantly strengthens muscles. Yet, it may be the only healing system that makes and keeps these muscles consistently strong without the aid of others! You are encouraged to use Targeted Muscle Testing to evaluate and validate your healing systems of choice. For instance, Chiropractic, Assisted Yoga, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Acupuncture make all or some of the targeted muscle tests instantly strong. Even meditations, which facilitate the relaxation of muscles, can make weak muscles test instantly strong.


When you find your results using Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing to be AMAZING, you are welcome to apply to join our team and become a certified workshop leader and help take Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing worldwide! 

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