Do you love your yoga practice but experience ongoing discomfort and limitations with certain postures or movements? The standard belief that exercise is the only way to make weak muscles strong is false! We now know that we can make a significant number of weak muscles instantly strong and keep them strong using specific connective tissue stretches and joint motions which we do to ourselves—the Quick Self Fixes.


  • We observe your posture for imbalances
  • We test muscles and locate weak muscles causing imbalance
  • We then teach you Quick Self Fixes that instantly strengthen associated weak muscles which improve posture symmetry and balance!

Yoga Posture Chart

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We’ll teach you how to stretch your own spinal connective tissue using a Connective Tissue Strap. This unique tool and easy-to-learn technique quickly and directly addresses underlying causes of muscle weakness, body imbalances and limited range of movement that are often the source of frustration and stagnation in your yoga practice.

The CT Strap contains a synthesis of the time-tested knowledge found in Thai Massage (Assisted Yoga Stretching), Chiropractic adjustment (moving bones and stretching muscles to correct subluxation/postural distortion) and Tantric yoga (using opposing forces to create expansion).
Supplementing your yoga practice with a short, easy and powerful CT Strap routine instantly “turns on” weak muscles, expands breathing capacity, improves range of motion and overall function and comfort in your body.

Come explore this revolutionary and innovative approach to practicing yoga and becoming a more fully embodied and free person!

My target niche is people who have a dedicated yoga practice. This group knows better than any other when their body is out of balance. The common cause of discomfort – weak muscles – will be made strong again using Quick Self Fixes for improved stability and comfort in yoga postures. I invite all active yoga instructors in for a free Targeted Muscle Testing evaluation regarding troubled yoga postures and a Quick Self Fixes introduction.


Dr. Clay LOVES teaching his work and helping all Yogis! We want to bring this amazing technique to your studio! Call 404-808-4280 or email us at to schedule a workshop.