Happy Feet is especially awesome for dancers, runners, tennis players and anyone who has feet. By the end of 2017, he had taught 284 “Assisted Stretching Postures from Thai Massage” workshops for the massage profession. In 2012, Dr. Clay studied the feet all year (he commonly studies one body part per year.) He combined his vast knowledge of chiropractic foot adjusting, Assisted Stretching and foot anatomy and created “Happy Feet”!

Treat one of your feet and walk around the room.(Also, when treating others, ask them to walk around the room after treating one foot.) Make note that almost every time, people agree that the foot that has been treated feels “alive, flexible and amazing” while in comparison, the untreated foot feels “numb, like a wooden peg leg”!

“Happy Feet” was originally developed as a section of Dr. Clay’s “Assisted Stretching Postures from Thai Massage” workshop.

Dominik Pesola said “People well trained in ‘Happy Feet’ should go to health fairs with a sign that reads ‘Right foot free, left foot $20, show me the $”. This is a great marketing strategy to “make new friends and influence people.”

Doing both feet takes around 5 minutes.

Dr. Clay has developed seven “Master Fixes”. These “Master Fixes” usually make all weak muscles found through Targeted Muscle Testing instantly strong. “Happy Feet” is a “Master Fix”. It is possible that the reason all muscles usually get strong following “Happy Feet” is releasing the connective tissue in the feet may cause massive connective tissue relaxation throughout the body. Our arteries, veins, nerves, lymphatic channels and cerebral spinal fluid spaces all travel through and are supported by the connective tissue system. When the connective tissue system is relaxed, life flows better.

You are invited to become certified to teach “Happy Feet”.

Order for 2.5 hour Happy Feet class

Review Skeletal Anatomy of feet over and over using foot skeleton

(Repetition is the mother of retention.)

Do own right foot

Walk around room and notice how different the treated foot feels versus the untreated foot.

Do partner’s left foot

All participants walk around the room and notice how balanced their feet feel now.

Do partner’s right foot

Do own left foot

Freestyle – students choose whether to focus on treating own foot and/or other people’s feet. Students may leave class early when they feel confident in their ability.

Watch the Happy Feet self treatment video over and over for free on QuickSelfFixes.com.

Happy Feet is especially awesome for dancers, runners, tennis players and anyone who has feet.