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When you find your results using Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing to be AMAZING, you are welcome to apply to join our team and become a certified workshop leader and help take Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing worldwide! 

Sometimes, even though a previously weak muscle now tests strong, areas may continue to
be sore or even painful. It may be that the body simply needs more time to clear inflammation
and heal (see “Dr. Clay’s Anti-inflammatory Protocols” on pages. 52-53). Dr. Clay much prefers
a patient to leave his office saying, “Hey Doc, it still hurts”, rather than, “Hey Doc, it’s still weak”.
When a person’s muscles are made strong and maintain strength using Quick Self Fixes, the
odds are high that he or she will get well!

Occasionally there are unknown underlying health issues. Show this book to your Medical Doctor to be sure that Quick Self Fixes are safe for you.

Note: Be aware that a poor diet may interfere with the effectiveness of Quick Self Fixes.

One of the biggest questions Dr. Clay has had was, “Why do most adults during the initial muscle testing evaluation, test significantly weak in mostly the same muscle sections?” It just did not make sense. Why would nature design the human body to be flawed with substantial muscle weaknesses as its normal status? Members of “Our Strong Club” do the Quick Self Fixes regularly, and all of our 62 Targeted Muscle Tests are strong (31 muscle tests on each side of the body).

In the summer of 2011, Dr. Clay evaluated and treated a troop of five female circus trapeze artists. A 23 year old trapeze artist had 60 out of 62 muscles test strong. Dr. Clay found this discovery intriguing. Previously, only members of “Our Strong Club” had tested overall strong. Next, he sought out another trapeze artist, who was 30 years old and teaching Circus Trapeze Arts. Of the muscles tested on her, over 96% tested strong. Dr. Clay contemplated these two anomalies and theorized that these two trapeze artists were strong because they were moving their bodies like tree dwelling primates do. The key was that these trapeze artists were constantly stretching the body’s connective tissues and joints in a similar manner. Doing yoga on the floor once a day does not compare to the connective tissue stretching and joint motions that are accomplished by climbing and swinging all day like a tree dwelling primate.

Next, Dr. Clay muscle tested a 30 year old woman who taught Swing Yoga, which is performed while suspended in the air on a hammock with handles. Once again, 96% of her muscles tested strong. The Swing Yoga instructor graciously referred Dr. Clay to an AntiGravity Yoga studio, where yoga is performed while suspended in a nine-foot-wide sheet that hangs from a high ceiling. He muscle tested the 46 year old AntiGravity Yoga instructor and guess what? She was nearly 100% strong as well!

From these experiences, Dr. Clay hypothesized that the Quick Self Fixes Routine emulates the effects of a primate’s tree dwelling lifestyle by using connective tissue stretching and joint motions to make and keep previously chronically weak muscles strong. Dr. Clay’s research on this topic continues.

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