Quick Self Fixes™

For this course, Dr. Clay has chosen his best 32 Quick Self Fix techniques which have been developed over a period of 34 years of doing body work with a research mindset. When Dr. Clay arrived at Life Chiropractic College in 1979, he learned first hand that weak muscles instantly became strong when the correct chiropractic adjustment was applied. Thus, proving to Dr. Clay that chiropractic treatments work.

For 23 years, Dr. Clay has intensively studied and practiced Assisted Yoga Postures from Thai Massage. Assisted Yoga has been fondly referred to as “Lazy Person’s Yoga”. Traditionally, the client lies on a floor mat, while the practitioner molds the client’s body into a series of sustained assisted yoga stretch postures. The client gets flexible while the practitioner gets strong. Dr. Clay has taught over 200 Assisted Yoga workshops for the massage profession and has authored a book for bodyworkers on his most effective Assisted Yoga Postures taught on the massage table. In 1996, he discovered that any weak muscle that could be made strong with a chiropractic adjustment could also be made strong with Assisted Yoga stretching. Numerous times, Dr. Clay witnessed that abnormal spinal curves called scoliosis significantly improve or resolve completely as a result of connective tissue stretching along the spine with Assisted Yoga and without chiropractic adjustments, which was his previous standard treatment for scoliosis. One accepted theory is that the chiropractic adjustment moves a hard bone off a soft nerve, thereby, improving nerve conduction which allows the bodies Innate Intelligence to better control the bodies functions through a nervous system free of nerve interference.

Dr. Clay theorizes that the chiropractic adjustment is actually a connective tissue stretching technique that uses bones as levers to move and hence stretch attached connective tissues, thereby making necessary space not only for better nerve conduction, but also for increased fluid flows such as blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid, all of which aide the body in functioning optimally.  

Quick Self Fixes emulate the muscle strengthening effects of Chiropractic and Assisted Yoga by manipulating the body’s structures, thereby improving the body’s functions. Quick Self Fixes are based upon the concept that making space within the body’s tissues at precisely the correct places strengthens muscles by allowing better movement of the body’s energies and fluids.
Life is Innate Intelligence, organic matter, and constant motion.

It’s all about making space!

Quick Self Fixes enhance life’s motions by creating space where it is needed most, thereby improving Innate Intelligence’s control of the body’s functions.

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