Quick Self Fixes™

Quick Self Fixes were initially organized to teach martial artists how to resolve pain and improve functional movement by making weak muscles instantly strong. In due time, a complete Quick Self Fixes Routine was developed to maintain overall muscle strength.

By doing the complete Quick Self Fixes Routine prior to his Aikido martial arts practice, Dr. Clay realized that he was more energized and relaxed during class. His martial arts injuries became less frequent because his previously chronically weak muscles were now all strong, allowing for more coordinated and efficient responses while doing martial arts. In addition, doing the Quick Self Fixes Routine in the morning helps the body wake up, feel alert, energized, and ready for rigorous exercise. For Dr. Clay and others, it is a healthy substitute for caffeine.

Anytime people complain of muscle tension, it is almost always associated with muscle weakness. Weak muscle fibers do not commonly feel tight, yet the adjacent strong muscle fibers do. They overcompensate for associated muscle weakness by working too hard resulting in muscle tension.

When the muscles that support joints are chronically weak, the joints move abnormally causing repetitive stress on the associated bones. This contributes to degenerative joint disease, also known as bony arthritis. This degeneration is obvious on x-rays. If an untrained person examines the x-rays of a person at age 20 and age 80, they could immediately distinguish between their ages because bones degenerate as we grow older. Chronically weak muscles that are not appropriately stabilizing joints increase the formation of bone degeneration. Strong muscles slow this arthritic process by keeping the skeletal joints stable. Doing Quick Self Fixes regularly enhances joint stability by restoring and maintaining strength to previously chronically weak muscles. This better supports joints, thereby reducing stress on the associated bones and thus slows the formation of arthritis.

Quick Self Fixes increase metabolism and help lose fat weight. Weak, hibernating muscles do not burn as much fat as strong, high-functioning muscles burn when the body is actually in a fat burning metabolic phase. Significant fat burning commonly starts after 30 minutes of rigorous exercise. If your goal is weight loss through exercise, be sure to do the Quick Self Fixes Routine prior to exercise.

Dr. Clay’s Targeted Muscle Testing video and companion book teach how to perform 31 easy-to-learn muscle tests. These muscle tests target muscles that are commonly found chronically weak in adults on one or both sides of the body. Dr. Clay has personally developed 24 of these 31 muscle tests.

Targeted Muscle Testing and Quick Self Fixes go together because these repeatable muscle tests prove that Quick Self Fixes usually make the previously found chronically weak muscles instantly strong! People who perform the 32 Quick Self Fixes regularly join “Our Strong Club”. Members of “Our Strong Club” test strong when all of the Targeted Muscle Tests are evaluated. This is truly a unique and cutting edge healing system.

When all of the Targeted Muscle Tests are strong, most other muscles which could possibly
be evaluated with a muscle test, test strong as well through the “domino effect”. When our
muscular system is high functioning, our immune systems functions better. In theory, Quick
Self Fixes do more than just improve skeletal muscle strength!

You may choose to only learn the Quick Self Fixes for your personal benefit, or you may choose to learn both Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing to educate and help others.

If you work in a related healthcare field, you may choose to integrate Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing into your professional practice. These skills will give you a highly competitive edge within your field. If you are not in a related healthcare field, you may choose to get a Personal Trainer certification which may help you to work for pay doing Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing. Please check the laws in your state or country governing the scope of Personal Trainers.

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