Connective Tissue Strap Book & DVD


Connective Tissue Strap Book & DVD



This CT Strap  book and companion video teach four self treatments that prevent and resolve connective tissue tightness and/or joint fixations related to the spine. These self fixes usually make chronically weak muscles instantly strong and keep them strong when the CT Strap Routine is performed regularly.

The focus of CT Strap is on creating and maintaining excellent health.This is an educational program only. The CT Strap Routine does not diagnose or treat disease, injuries, or ailments. This course does not provide anyone with a certificate or license to practice or teach any healing art.
For safety reasons, prior to performing CT Strap Procedure, show this book to your Medical Doctor to be sure that the CT Strap is safe for you. Promptly stop doing any CT Strap Procedure if there is pain.
CT Strap Procedures are activities which are best learned in person or alternatively from video. Static photos do not completely represent movement; however, they do serve as useful, portable reminders. Therefore, this book is designed to remind you of techniques you have studied on the CT Strap video
and/or in class.

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