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Master Fixes


The concept of Master Fixes comes from a program called Quick Self Fixes developed by Cassius Camden Clay, D.C.. Master Fixes are the most important part of the Quick Self Fixes concept. A Master Fix is a self treatment which makes all weak muscles found through Targeted Muscle Testing instantly strong! Strong muscles promote better function and comfort.

Targeted Muscle Testing is a muscle strength evaluation system developed by Dr. Cassius Camden Clay. Targeted Muscle Testing challenges a person’s muscle strength against a tester’s pressure as a means of quickly determining repeatable levels of muscle weaknesses and/or strengths. Most people, including Olympic athletes, professional sports athletes and body builders have a significant number of muscles that test chronically weak. The odds are extremely high that a significant percentage of your muscles would test weak also. These muscles are not weak because you need more exercise. These muscles are most often weak because of connective tissue tightness and/or joint fixations that are disrupting nerve conduction, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and/or cerebral spinal fluid flow that are essential for sustained muscle strength. These muscles have gone dormant like a bear hibernating in the winter to conserve its resources.


The standard belief that exercise is the only way to make weak muscles strong is false!

We now know that we can make a significant number of weak muscles instantly strong and keep them strong using Master Fixes.

A daily routine of Master Fixes contained in this course will activate dormant muscles and keep you strong.

This program contains six Master Fixes and the Cranial Fix, and takes less than four minutes to complete. It is ok to perform Master Fixes several times a day. Definitely do Master Fixes prior to strenuous physical activity. Master Fixes have been tested extensively over time and are guaranteed to be effective.

Dr. Clay randomly discovered the concept of Master Fixes around 2006 when attempting to make an unresponsive weak muscle strong. Dr. Clay’s first Master Fix was the “Large Intestine Fix”. After 15 or so failed attempts to make a weak muscle strong, he massaged the large intestine and the muscle became instantly strong! After that, whenever Dr. Clay failed repeatedly on making a weak muscle strong, he performed the “Large Intestine Fix” and it worked almost every time. He eventually figured out that any weak muscle found through Targeted Muscle Testing became instantly strong by massaging the large intestine. This was the birth of Master Fixes. Master Fixes are Dr. Clay’s most important discovery.

Doing the entire Quick Self Fixes Routine including “Master Fixes” takes about 20-25 minutes. Quick Self Fixes is similar to a yoga practice. It demands discipline and time. Dr. Clay does the entire Quick Self Fixes Routine prior to events like trail running or martial arts training. However, he does Master Fixes every day.

Dr. Clay recommends that you study and learn the entire Quick Self Fixes Routine after learning Master Fixes. Also, you may also utilize the “Body Part to Quick Self Fixes Index” to choose which Quick Self Fixes help with specific body parts.

Master Fixes correct muscle weakness in seemingly unrelated muscles. When other Quick Self Fixes are not enough by themselves to make the associated weak muscle strong, Master Fixes save the day by making the weak muscle instantly strong!

When all of the Master Fixes are performed together, our propensity for remaining muscularly strong is significantly improved. We attain increased comfort and improved function such as balance, posture, gait and thus, athletic performance.

The Cranial Fix is included in this section even though it is not a Master Fix. The Cranium needs a little help aligning with the bodies new found strength after performing Master Fixes

“Happy Feet” is also a Master Fix and not included in this course. The 21/2 hour “Happy Feet” workshop teaches how to stretch every ligament in the feet for self and others. A video and syllabus on how to stretch ones own feet is available at


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