Targeted Muscle Testing Book & DVD


Targeted Muscle Testing teaches you how to muscle test and then specifically teaches 31 easy-to- learn muscle tests that are commonly found chronically weak in adults one or both sides of the body.

You are encouraged to use Targeted Muscle Testing to evaluate and validate your healing systems of choice. For instance, Chiropractic, Assisted Yoga, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Acupuncture make all or some of the targeted muscle tests instantly strong. Even meditations, which facilitate the relaxation of muscles, can make weak muscles test instantly strong.



Traditional muscle testing misses more muscle weakness than it finds. Traditional muscle testing does not actually test the whole muscle as it indicates. Dr. Clay’s research proves that in medium to large muscles, the entire muscle is not weak; yet, isolated sections within these muscles are commonly weak. Targeted Muscle Testing teaches individuals how to test muscles exactly where sections of muscles are found chronically weak in adults. Muscle testing people exactly where they are weak is easy. Dr. Clay has figured this out for you!

Dr. Clay has pinpointed 31 important muscle tests which are easy to learn and are commonly found weak in adults on one or both sides of the body. Twenty-four of these 31 muscle tests do not exist in contemporary literature. Through necessity, Dr. Clay developed these 24 muscle tests to specifically target chronically weak muscles or sections of muscles discovered through Subtle Muscle Testing.

Out of hundreds of muscle tests, Dr. Clay focuses on 62 tests which he has discovered to be commonly weak. This list of muscles is referred to as the Golden List. Of these 62 muscle tests, 31 have been chosen to be the muscle tests for this course. This list of 31 muscles is fondly referred to as the Diamond List. The beauty of the Diamond List is that when these muscles are all made strong, the rest of the 32 muscles on the Golden List usually become strong as well! For instance, the belly of the posterior division of gluteus medius is on the Diamond List and hence is one of the targeted muscle tests in this course. The same Quick Self Fixes which make this muscle test strong also make seven other gluteal muscle tests on the Golden List strong (two other gluteus medius muscle tests, three gluteus maximus muscle tests, and two gluteus minimus muscle tests). In this example, one muscle test represents a total of eight muscle tests. This saves a lot of time and effort.

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